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Tico/Tica: As previously mentioned, Main Us americans love nicknames on their own and you will Costa Ricans are no difference Leave a comment

Tico/Tica: As previously mentioned, Main Us americans love nicknames on their own and you will Costa Ricans are no difference

Yuca: Virtually “yucca” (new veggie). From inside the El Salvador they use this keyword so you can imply “difficult” otherwise difficult/difficult. “El examen fue bastante yuca” (the exam is actually very difficult).

Birria: Everywhere Central America some body use the name “birra” (regarding the English) as an alternative to possess cerveza, definition “beer”. Except for in El Salvador where they are going to throw-in over at this site the excess syllable to have stylish feeling.

Chupar: Chupar ‘s the verb “to bring”, utilized more often than not during the an intimate way (this might be a family website so I shall say only about that). However, anybody who speaks Language understands the reason. From inside the El Salvador, whether or not, this really is a slang title meaning “drink”. Eg, to drink some thing (brand new verb) maybe not a certain drink (the new noun).


Nica: This is exactly simple. Nica represents Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan). It’s what Nicaraguans phone call themselves and every most other since the an issue away from pride. Please note Nica setting each other female and male. There is no “Nico/Nica” procedure taking place. Together with, such as “Catracho” within the Honduras, Nicas make use of it to explain one thing Nicaraguan.

Chele/Chela: Chele comes from “leche“ (milk products – trading new syllables as much as). Just what the color is dairy? Yep, it is Nicaraguan jargon to own light/blond some one. While you are white otherwise blonde for the Nicaragua, they will label your chelemon as well as within the El Salvador.

Dale ya que/Va puesto que: Which expression is more broad-built, however, basically form – based on perspective – “go-ahead” or “let’s exercise!” or other types of agreement. Nicaraguans don’t pronounce the “s” with the stop regarding terms, so the “pues“ may appear like “poo-eh”.

Costa Rica

It phone call on their own Ticos/Ticas for the honor of federal practice of incorporating a beneficial diminutive suffix to help you terms so you can signify passion and you may cuteness. Such as “perro“ (dog) gets “perrito“ (lovely nothing puppy).

Mae: You can tune in to “mae“ a lot when you look at the Costa Rica. I am talking about much. Such towards prevent of any phrase while you are talking to some body more than forty and you may between any kind of keyword when you find yourself talking-to somebody under the age of 40. It means “buddy” otherwise “mate”.

Pura vida: Something different you’ll listen to and find out every where during the Costa Rica. “Pura vida“ (natural lives) is the national slogan. This means what you and nothing. “Hello”. “Goodbye”. “That’s cool”. “That is lifestyle”. “Really don’t care and attention”. “It’s all an effective”. Pura vida identifies this new Costa Rican therapy of being cool away. Sometimes it function you may be so chilled away you don’t care. Fun reality: Referring off good 1950s North american country motion picture and really has nothing related to Costa Rica.

Tuanis: Many imagine “tuanis” is inspired by the latest English phrase “also sweet”. And that kinda sorta makes reference to the meaning of it. Tuanis function “cool”, “good”, “nice”, all of that positive posts. When someones claims tuanis for your requirements they aren’t unhappy, put it by doing this. But it is little whatsoever regarding something inside English. Forget about “too sweet”. Tuanis originates from armed forces code developed by nineteenth century Salvadoran Standard Francisco Malespin, in which the guy switched up to syllables to conditions to manufacture brand new ones. Also difficult to get in here, however, an effective 2014 post in the Tico Moments makes reference to it pretty well.

Mopri: “Mopri” (mo-pri) are primo in reverse (pri-mo). It is back again to a comparable password from your pal Standard Malespin. Primo means “cousin” in the Foreign-language but many play with mopri, often shortened right down to “mop” due to the fact another way out-of stating mae.

Chunche: This can be a brilliant Tico tiquisimo (an extremely Costa Rican term). No actual translation to it, nonetheless it setting “thing” or “whadjamacallit” or “thingamajig” or any keyword you use to possess something that you do not know brand new identity away from.

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